About Us

There was once a time when a leisure class meant wealthy old men retiring to the country to live a life of pleasure and relaxation through the exploitation of the lower classes: cigars and brandy around a marble fireplace, butlers and footmen, women relegated to a repressed life in the background.  But we at LeisureNouveau.com strive for the creation of a new, better leisure class!  It is our firm opinion that one should get more disapproving looks from one's dry cleaners than from one's peers.  Luxury for all people, affordable and enjoyable!

We endeavor to find all of the finer things in life at prices reachable by even the most modest income, and indeed encourage those who wish to pursue as little income at all while still living with an epicurean enjoyment of life's pleasures.  Old leisure may have been intended for a privileged few, but the LeisureNouveau is for all!

Please visit our privacy policy and visit the pages of our staff below (listed in order of contribution date) to lean more about us.

  • Erik Arneson, co-founder
  • Christopher Maujean, co-founder
  • Jesse Williamson
  • Mike Ely
  • Vera Eppard

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